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The purpose of design is to understand the world and its associated behavior and interpret it into a product that we humans need and want to use through a design thinking process and user-centered approach.


At SCP we allow brands of all sizes to represent themselves digitally, in the most unique ways possible. We feel that it is important that a company's branding, and what they stand for, should be communicated most effectively and appropriately to reach their target audience. If this is what you're looking for, you have come to the right place.

Communication design includes; logo design, poster design, Identity design, or even information design and so many more. 

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We believe that user experience design is aimed at improving the lives of many through technology. This is done through a design thinking process and a user-centered approach, where we allow room for collaboration and dissemination for the best possible digital solutions, tailored for our client's needs. This process gets complex from time to time, but nothing great has ever come easy.

User experience design includes mobile and desktop application designing or even something as basic as a website.

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  • Responsive website design

  • Mobile and Desktop Applications

  • Native, hybrid, and web application designs 

  • Corporate identity design 

  • Software design


And so much more

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I am Zinzi

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